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Staff and Board

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Staff:

Executive Director: Michele Stranger Hunter

Deputy Director: Jill Wantland

Director of Policy & Quality Improvement: Hannah Rosenau

Director of Equity & Community Engagement: Zeenia Junkeer

Outreach & Field Coordinator: Anne Marie Hiestand

Communications Coordinator: Amory Zschach

Canvas Director: Adam Briggs

2015 NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Board of Directors:

  • Leslie O'Leary, Board President
  • Kellie Johnson, Board Vice President
  • Rev. Eilidh Lowery, Secretary
  • Leslie Johnson,Treasurer
  • Paula Abrams
  • Alice Bartelt
  • Jason M. Leon
  • Claire Rolfs
  • Lynn Partin
  • Bryn E. Wittmayer
  • Daniel Lewkow
  • Tracy Zitzelberger
  • Olivia Stone
  • Veronica Sunderland-Perez

2015 Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health Board:

  • Tracy Zitzelberger, Board President
  • Kelly Coates, Board Vice President
  • Lisa Swan, Secretary 
  • Claire Rolfs, Treasurer
  • Miriam Rosenthal
  • Susan Cooksey
  • Katie Riley
  • Martha DeLong
  • Betsy Boyd-Flynn
  • Kim Duncan
  • Erin Reid

2015 NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Political Action Committee (PAC): 

  • Alice Bartelt
  • Darrell Dickenson
  • Harry Demarest
  • Wynne Wakkila
  • Judy Carnahan
  • Jesse Bountecou
  • Jo Ann Hardesty
  • Jason Leon
  • Daniel Lewkow 
  • Samantha Gladu
  • Andrea Salinas- Lobbyist

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