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One Key Question Initiative

Our sister organization, Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health, delivers cutting edge, proactive health policy that works to break down barriers to reproductive health care by integrating reproductive health into primary care. Our One Key Question® initiative seeks to ensure that more pregnancies are wanted, planned, and as healthy as possible.

We know that rates of unintended pregnancy remain at almost half nationwide and in Oregon.Unintended pregnancies are known to have worse health outcomes both for mother and infant, as well as extensive social ramifications such as increasing family stressors, increasing the need for financial support programs, and increasing the risk for family violence. These unintended pregnancies disproportionately occur among low-income women and women of color. As we continue to integrate and institutionalize reproductive justice into our work, we work to ensure that OKQ is culturally relevant to the communities we serve.

We are currently conducting focus groups with Latina, African-American, and Asian and Pacific Islander women, enlisting their feedback around their experience seeking care. If we are to increase maternal and child health equity in all Oregon communities, it is imperative that we elevate and amplify the diverse voices of women of color in our development of OKQ.

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