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Resources for the Media

This is the NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon media center! If you are a member of the media, please contact us to arrange an interview: call Grayson Dempsey (503) 223-4510 (ex. 11) or 

We provide:

  • Information on choice-related topics
  • Background material
  • Quotes
  • Personal stories
  • And more!


NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon has been a political leader of the pro-choice movement since 1977.


Guidelines for Referring to NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon in Print


  • Use all-caps when writing NARAL as part of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
  • Always refer to NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon when referring to the organization and not any combination of the four name elements
  • Always hyphenate and capitalize Pro-Choice
  • Always use a non-bold, non-italic font


  • Do not use lowercase letters when spelling NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon
  • Do not use periods to separate the letters of the name NARAL
  • Do not use bold or italics in any part of the name
  • Do not separate the four name elements to refer to the organization in shorthand format

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