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Parental Involvement Laws

Oregon does not mandate parental consent laws. However, if the federal government succeeds in its anti-choice campaign,Oregon and every other pro-choice state would require parental consent for minors to obtain an abortion.

  • Oregon does not require parental involvement for minors to obtain an abortion.
  • The government cannot mandate healthy family communication; nor can it create healthy family communication where it does not exist.
  • Leading medical organizations like the American Medical Association oppose mandatory parental involvement requirements for abortion.
  • Young women who do not involve a parent have good reasons. Often, young women who do not involve a parent justifiably fear that they would be physically or emotionally abused by a family member if forced to disclose their pregnancy.
  • Mandatory parental involvement laws can endanger the health of young women, even those from healthy, loving families, by increasing the rate of illegal or self-induced abortion, later abortions, suicide, family violence and unwanted childbirth.
  • Judicial bypass provisions often inadequately protect young women, as it can be overwhelming and often impossible for most to obtain a court order. In addition, young women who are able to get court hearings often face judges who are vehemently anti-choice and who routinely deny petitions, despite rulings by the US Supreme Court that a minor must be granted a bypass if she is mature or if an abortion is in her best interests.
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