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Birth Control

Women use birth control for all sorts of reasons, including to avoid getting pregnant before they are ready. Making birth control accessible and affordable is the quickest way to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies.

At NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, we’re fighting to make sure every woman has access to affordable birth control that is right for her—no matter where she lives, where she works or how much money she makes—so she can control her own future.

Laws promoting insurance coverage of contraception are crucial to ensuring comprehensive reproductive-health care. The Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive-coverage policy ensured that the full range of birth control options would be covered with no copay. Although this policy is in danger at the federal level, in Oregon we have passed laws ensuring this benefit, and also requiring that insurers cover a year’s supply of contraception dispensed at once.

Below, you can read more about NARAL’s work to increase the availability of emergency contraception, protect patients’ rights to have valid prescriptions filled without judgment or discrimination, and ensure family planning services are covered by insurance.

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