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Pro-Choice Oregon is the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Oregon. Our 2018 strategic plan, developed over months of engagement by our Board of Directors and staff with input from over 75 members and key organizational allies, will guide us through the growth needed to effectively meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Knowing that Oregon needs a strong political force advocating for all people who can become pregnant, we have identified goals and strategies that we see as critical to our organization—and our movement’s—success.

Our work was previously done under the umbrella of NARAL Pro-Choice America, however, we are now a completely independent and state-based organization. 


Pro-Choice Oregon develops and sustains a constituency that uses the political process to guarantee every person who can become pregnant the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, raising healthy families, and choosing legal abortion.


  • Organize our 13,000 members to make sure that our state and local leaders hear from their constituents—the 7-in-10 Americans who support safe and legal abortion.

  • Work in partnership with progressive allies to advance legislation that protects and expands reproductive freedom in our state, and to prevent anti-abortion policies from being enacted.

  • Endorse lawmakers who will be champions for reproductive freedom. Support and evaluate the implementation of progressive policies, like the Reproductive Health Equity Act, to ensure that the laws have the greatest impact on addressing disparities in access to reproductive healthcare.

  • Galvanize elected leaders at every level of office, including school boards, county commissions and city councils to ensure that reproductive health, sex education and abortion access is prioritized at every level of elected office.


Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation supports and protects, as a fundamental right and value, a person’s freedom to make individual decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices—including preventing unintended pregnancy, raising healthy families, and choosing legal abortion—through education, training, organizing, and research. We champion public policy that addresses disparities in reproductive health care and promotes health equity for all people.


Pro-Choice Oregon PAC works to elect pro-choice candidates at every level of government. Through our cultivation of true champions, Pro-Choice Oregon PAC works to advance the most progressive pro-choice policies in the nation. We educate our members and identified supporters, provide strategic advice to candidates, mobilize get out the vote efforts, and ensure that pro-choice policies are a top priority in local and state government.

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