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We support legislation that centers those who face the biggest barriers to reproductive freedom, and we work across intersections to ensure the health, rights, justice, and wellness of all communities.

How can you help? Share your healthcare story to help us ensure that those who have faced barriers to care are centered in policymaking. Or, sign up to join our Rapid Responders to receive action alerts to call or email your legislator.

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We are proud to announce our official legislative agenda for the 2021 session, and we welcome all of our supporters to join us in advancing these critical pieces of legislation across four critical policy areas:


Advancing Health Equity, Centered on Most-Impacted Communities
This year we support legislation that will center health equity in mergers and acquisitions, ensure adequate funding for reproductive healthcare, expand access to people currently restricted from coverage due to immigration status, expand access to HIV prevention medication at pharmacies, capture data to ensure health equity across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, expand telemedicine, recognize and support traditional Tribal health workers, expand healthcare interpretation services, and more.

HB 2362: Equal Access to Care Act, Testimony (Top priority in 2021)
HB 5024: Adequate Funding for Reproductive Health Services
HB 3352: Cover All People, Regardless of Immigration Status, Testimony
HB 2958: Pharmacist Prescription Authority for PEP & PrEP, Testimony
HB 3159: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, Data Justice, Testimony
HB 2337:  Racism is a Public Health Issue, Testimony
HB 2508: Telemedicine Advancements
HB 2121: Remove Prohibition from Naturopathic Physician Scope of Practice
HB 2086: Behavior Health and Healthcare Workforce Diversification
HB 2010: Public Option Study
HB 2088: Inclusion of Traditional Tribal Health Workers
HB 2359: Health Care Interpreter Modernization Act
HB 3016, HB 3011: COVID-19 Relief for Oregon Nurses
SJR 12: HOPE Amendment
SB 168: Expand Coverage for fertility and reproductive endocrinology
SB 428: Universal Health Care Taskforce

Transformational Systems Change to Advance Justice Across Intersections
To achieve reproductive justice, we must have racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, justice for LGBT2IA+ communities, environmental justice, immigration justice, restorative justice and policing reform, and voting rights for all. Within coalitions like Fair Shot and the Oregon Health Equity Alliance, we are working to pass: childcare and basic needs for all families, protection of immigration rights, healthy homes for all, restorative justice and informed consent, overtime pay for Oregon farmworkers, adequate addiction and recovery treatment, and expansion of voting rights for all.

HB 3073: Provide Child Care For All Families (Testimony)
HB 2205: A Stronger, Safer Workforce For Every Worker (Testimony)
HB 3230, HB 3265: Protect Immigration Rights (Testimony)
HB 2169: Justice For All, Restorative Justice & Informed Search (Testimony)
HB 2842: Healthy Homes for All
HB 2358: Farmworker Overtime (Testimony)
HB 3327: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Shelter/Transitional Housing
HB 2745: Voter Access Act (Testimony)
HB 3021: VPS Language Access Act (Testimony)
HB 2678: Ranked Choice Voting
HB 2499: Automatic Voter Registration
HJR 11: Same-Day Voter Registration
SB 755: Implementation of Measure 110 (Testimony)
SB 704: Ban the LGBTQ Panic Defense

Health Access, Bodily Autonomy, and Safety for Those Currently Incarcerated
A corrections system that was created by men for men, is failing to meet many needs due to a lack of gender and culturally-informed practices and policies. This session we are working to: expand access to critical family support programs, voting rights, gender justice, legal aid, expand trauma-informed practices and resources for survivors, make health navigators available to those within Oregon’s corrections system, and amend the Oregon constitution to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude in all circumstances. 

SB 720: Fund the Family Preservation Project (Testimony)
HB 2912: Legal Assistance Re-Entry Program at Coffee Creek
HB 3096: Study on Women in Custody (Testimony)
HB 3035: Health Care Navigators at Coffee Creek (Testimony)
HB 571, HB 2366: Restoration of Voting Rights

(571 Testimony2366 Testimony)
HB 3088: Decriminalization of Sex Work
HB 2825: Just Sentencing for Survivors of Domestic Violence (Testimony)
SJR 10: Prohibition on Slavery and In-Voluntary Servitude

Comprehensive & Inclusive Education; Health and Safety of All Students
All students deserve access to comprehensive and inclusive sex education, health services and other critical support needed to succeed in life. This session we are supporting free menstrual products at all public schools (in bathrooms accessed by all genders), adequate resources for all LGBTQ2IA+ student needs, additional resources to support child abuse prevention curriculum, and expanding access to school-based health services.

HB 3294: Menstrual Dignity Act (Testimony)
SB 52: LGBTQIA+ Student Equity Act
SB 2828: Child Abuse Prevention Instructional Program
HB 2591: Expand School Based Healthcare via mobile health centers

Pro-Choice Oregon also works to defend our state against any threat of restrictions or additional barriers to abortion access: In 2021 we have worked with partners to ensure that none of the 11 anti-abortion bills introduced this session will move forward. 



Each year, Pro-Choice Oregon works in coalition to enact policies that will advance healthcare access and equity in Oregon.

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