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A Very Important Update from Pro-Choice Oregon

As we chart a new path forward, let’s remember what we’ve always known in Oregon: change happens at the local level.

July 13, 2021 – With major developments underway, we wanted to make sure you heard the following news from us:

On June 28, NARAL Pro-Choice America’s board of directors voted to fully nationalize the organization, by eliminating all 11 independent state affiliate organizations, including Pro-Choice Oregon—a major change in the 50-year structure of the organization. We are disappointed by this decision, especially as it was made without our input and against our recommendation. We are troubled that a new DC-concentrated restructure will not leverage the success of state-based organizations like Pro-Choice Oregon, who has worked with our trusted partners to lead the nation in advancing equitable reproductive health policies, including the Reproductive Health Equity Act (2017), Paid Family Medical Leave (2019), and the Equal Access to Care Act (2021).

While much remains to be decided, the bottom line is our team is committed to continuing as a strong Oregon-based organization with the same values, board, and staff that have served our communities for over 43 years. In fact, we believe this change will present us with new and limitless opportunities to meet the challenges ahead.

As we chart a new path forward, let’s remember what we’ve always known in Oregon: change happens at the local level. Our team plans to remain focused on our shared mission: building community and grassroots power. Over the coming months, we will invite you to help us shape this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build something better, bolder, stronger, and more inclusive, to truly center most-impacted communities in Oregon. Because, together, our movement is greater than the sum of its individual parts. I see a future of abundance for Pro-Choice Oregon with even more collective impact, empowered to do more to support communities within and beyond our state borders.

This news may be bittersweet, but as I reflect on my one-year anniversary as Executive Director of Pro-Choice Oregon, I am filled with gratitude, and cannot wait to embrace the challenges ahead with an Oregon-strong and sustained movement of the future.

Please know our supporters are welcome to reach out with any questions or to share any feedback with our team.

With kindness and in solidarity,

Christel Allen, Executive Director Pro-Choice Oregon

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