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Pro-Choice Oregon PAC Announces 72 General Election Endorsements

Meet the Champions Who Will Fight to Advance Abortion Access; Health Equity

PORTLAND, OR – Today, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and Idaho’s near-total abortion ban going into effect, Pro-Choice Oregon Political Action Committee (PAC), is proud to announce endorsements for 72 candidates committed to ensuring Oregon remains an oasis of access to essential reproductive, sexual, and gender-affirming health care.

The slate of general election endorsements comes on the heels of a successful primary with 56 endorsed candidates that celebrated victories, including four candidates in Lane, Multnomah, and Washington counties that won their nonpartisan races outright.

As the fight for abortion access shifts to the states, electing strong state leaders has never been more important, which is why Pro-Choice Oregon PAC endorses candidates at all levels of governance. This year’s slate includes gubernatorial candidate Tina Kotek, Christina Stephenson for Labor commissioner, 57 legislative candidates, and local candidates in running Benton, Clackamas, Coos, Deschutes, Lane, Marion, and Multnomah counties, as well as the cities of Portland, Gresham, Newport and Tigard.

Estela Muñoz Villarreal, Co-Chair of Pro-Choice Oregon PAC, shared the following:

“When it comes to the race for Oregon’s highest office this year, there couldn’t be more at stake. WIth a three-way race for governor, experts say that November’s outcome is a toss-up—potentially paving the way for anti-choice Republican Christine Drazan to roll back our rights. As the fight for abortion access moves to the states, Pro-Choice Oregon PAC recognizes our responsibility and will be doing everything we can to mobilize voters to elect reproductive champions up and down the ballot in 2022.”

Erica Fuller, co-chair of the Pro-Choice Oregon PAC, said this of the slate:

“What sets these candidates apart is that they understand disparities of access and health outcomes still impact far too many Oregonians—especially Black, Indigenous, and others who are most impacted by long-standing inequalities. We have gotten to know these candidates and we know they are ready to fight to advance health equity for all Oregonians, so that every individual can make their own reproductive decisions, and so our families and communities can thrive.”

Previously under the umbrella of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Pro-Choice Oregon is now a fully independent, state-based organization. Supported by more than 14,000 members statewide, Pro-Choice Oregon is on the front lines of the fight to expand access to essential health care, increase equitable birth and reproductive health outcomes, and ensure young people have access to comprehensive sexual health education.

As the state’s pro-choice political leader, Pro-Choice Oregon PAC has spent over 40 years electing champions who will work to create a future in which all Oregonians have access to abortion and the full spectrum of reproductive, sexual, and gender-affirming care.

In this critical election year, Pro-Choice Oregon PAC will mobilize our pro-choice voters to elect the following candidates who are ready to defend and advance reproductive equity at all levels of office:



Governor: Tina Kotek

BOLI Commissioner: Christina Stephenson

Oregon State Senate

Sen. Jeff Golden (SD 3)

Sen. Floyd Prozanski (SD 4)

Sen James Manning (SD 7)

Sen. Sara Gelser Blouin (SD 8)

Sen. Deb Patterson (SD 10)

Aaron Woods for SD 13

Rep. Janeen Sollman for SD 15

Melissa Busch for SD 16

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (SD 17)

Rep. Wlnsvey Campos for SD 18

Sen. Rob Wagner (SD 19)

Rep. Mark Meek (SD 20)

Sen. Kayse Jama (SD 24)

Raz Mason for HD 26

Oregon House of Representatives

Rep. Pam Marsh (HD 5)

Rep. Paul Holvey (HD 8)

Jerry Rust for HD 9

Rep. David Gomberg (HD 10)

Rep. Nancy Nathanson (HD 13)

Rep. Julie Fahey (HD 14)

Ben Watts for HD 15

Speaker Dan Rayfield (HD 16)

Tom Anderson for HD 19

Rep. Paul Evans (HD 20)

Ramiro Navarro for HD 21

Anthony Medina for HD 22

Ben Bowman for HD 25

Rep. Courtney Neron (HD 26)

Rep. Ken Helm (HD 27)

Rep. Dacia Grayber (HD 28)

Rep. Susan McLain (HD 29)

Rep. Nathan Sosa (HD 30)

Anthony Sorace for HD 31

Logan Laity for HD 32

Rep. Maxine Dexter (HD 33)

Rep. Lisa Reynolds (HD 34)

Farrah Chaichi for HD 35

Hai Pham for HD 36

Mayor Jules Walters for HD 37

Daniel Nguyen for HD 38

Rep. Janelle Bynum (HD 39)

Annessa Hartman for HD 40

Mayor Mark Gamba for HD 41

Rep. Rob Nosse (HD 42)

Rep. Tawna Sanchez (HD 43)

Rep. Travis Nelson (HD 44)

Thuy Tran for HD 45

Rep. Khanh Pham (HD 46)

Rep. Andrea Valderrama (HD 47)

Hoa Nguyen for HD 48

Rep. Zach Hudson (HD 49)

Rep. Ricki Ruiz (HD 50)

Darcy Long for HD 52

Emerson Levy for HD 53

Rep. Jason Kropf (HD 54)

Brian Lepore for HD 55

Jonathan Chenjeri for HD 56

County Leaders

Benton County Commissioner Pat Malone (P1)

Clackamas County Commissioner Sonya Fischer (P5)

Clackamas County Commissioner P2: Libra Forde

Coos County Commissioner Melissa Cribbins

Deschutes County Commissioner P1: Oliver Tatom

Deschutes County Commissioner P3: Morgan Schmidt

Lane County Commissioner D1: Dawn Lesley

Marion County Commissioner P2: Mark Wigg

Multnomah County Chair: Comm. Jessica Vega Pederson

Gresham City Council

Council President Eddy Morales (P2)

Newport City Council

City Councilor CM Hall

Portland City Commission

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty (P3)

Tigard City Council

Jai Raj Singh


Pro-Choice Oregon PAC works to elect pro-choice candidates at every level of government. Through our cultivation of true champions, Pro-Choice Oregon works to advance the most progressive pro-choice policies in the nation. We educate our members and identified supporters, provide strategic advice to candidates, mobilize get out the vote efforts, and ensure that pro-choice policies are a top priority in local and state government.

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